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great quality carpet at a better price, in less time, and experience customer service that is second to none

With Quick Turnaround from a local expert

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With Quick Turnaround from a local expert

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Financing Available

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Discounted Price

Get the same great quality carpet you'd expect at a big box store at a fraction of the cost.

Fast Turnaround

Instead of waiting weeks, our typical turnaround is next day!

(custom orders in 10 days.)

High Quality

Receive the same high quality material offered in big box retail store for less cost.

Unmatched Customer Service

Our team cares so much, that our owner shows up at every job to ensure you have the best experience and outcome for your new floors.

Why Lighting Matters...

If you are looking at new flooring in a showroom, you are seeing the colors and textures under a special LED light, and chances are that the same flooring will look different in your home.

Our team will show up with samples IN YOUR HOME so you can see exactly what your new floors will look like with your lighting.

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